Friday, July 8, 2011

Chicken Coop Project Seeking Vancouver Seniors for Youth/Senior Chicken Coop and Gardening Project

Tending Generations (TG) is a project conceived by local chicken coop builder Duncan Martin of, by Lester’s Army Magazine and the Environmental Youth Alliance. The mission of TG is to bring together seniors and youth through food production — namely laying hens and vegetable gardens.

TG is currently seeking interested seniors, seniors’ homes, or individuals who are interested in participating and/or allowing a small plot of garden space for the project (around 100 sq. ft.). Commitment levels are flexible, and accessibility can be accommodated for people with disabilities.


Participation involves: providing input into the design of a chicken coop (to be constructed by DailyEggs and community volunteers), sharing in the care (and eggs!) of a flock of 3-4 hens, tending a small garden patch for consumption by participants. Seniors with gardening/food production experience are encouraged to take part, as they can pass this knowledge to younger participants. The start date of the project is not set in stone, but TG hopes to commence in September after school has come back in session.

Both long-term and short-term commitment are encouraged.

Get involved!

If you are interested in either hosting a coop/garden plot or participating in any way, please contact Duncan Martin by July 6th at 604-329-3863 or at Please feel free to pass this on to your networks and any seniors who may like to get involved.

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