Norquay Community Orchard

Norquay Community Orchard
2732 Horley Street (west of Earles)

WHAT IS IT?  The Community Orchard was conceived as a learning orchard by local residents and neighbourhood associations that would demonstrate sustainable, organic and innovative growing methods.  It will also showcase many varieities of fruit-bearing plants that are native to British Columbia’s west coast.

WHO IS IT FOR?  The Orchard is open for all to enjoy.  In the following months, we hope to have community members be involved in the building of a new bench table, a tool storage unit, and a fall planting of fig and quince trees.  We will be hosting a number of gardening and fruit tree related workshops on site, and the community will be encouraged to use the space for gatherings and activities.

WHY HERE?  A stream once ran through this site and into Still Creek until it was put into a underground pipe decades ago.  Because the site cannot be developed, the City of Vancouver approached RC FSI to help turn the site into a community garden.  After several community consultations, neighbours and community members decided the site would be an ideal place for a demonstration orchard and gathering space

WHAT’S PLANTED HERE?  Prior to its transformation into a community orchard, a cherry tree, two plum trees, a blackberry bush and a laurel tree were on site.  Among the fruits grown at the Orchard are 2 heritage varieties of apple, 5 varieties of pear, fig, blueberry, kiwi, kiwiberry, red and white grapes, black and white currants, and a dozen varieties of edible berries native to Western Canada: