Friday, February 11, 2011

Bill C-474 and February Events

About 30 people, comprised of a few families and friends from an elementary school in Toronto, gave their time and skills to this project with the goal of informing Canadians of the growing prevalence of GMO's in Canada. Bill C-474 proposes to create a regulatory obstacle to any futher approval of GMO seeds for sale. MP's vote on Feb 9.

Watch their video here:

Gardening season is here again!

Gardening season fast approaches again. February is a good time to consider your planting possibilities (given your space, light, and soil well as crop-rotation principles. More on that later) and to enrich the soil with garden amendments like manure and finished compost. You can also begin planting hardy cold weather crops like peas and broad beans.

The Food Security Institute is helping to connect our neighbours with food growing opportunities. These include our very own Rooftop, the Cheyenne Avenue Community Garden, Collingwood Community Garden, and Horley Street Small Space Orchard.

PosAbilities is planning a new community garden at 29th Avenue and Kaslo and they're looking for interested gardeners, and Windermere Secondary is in the very early planning stages of a community garden on their school grounds.

If you love gardening or want to learn more about growing your own food, there is no shortage of opportunities. To get involved with the posAbilities garden, contact Cintia. To learn more about the Windermere garden expansion, contact the organizers. To get more information on any of the other growing opportunities listed above, contact Stephanie.

February Schedule

Click on the schedule below to view a large version of the image.

Please note that the February 22nd workshop will be held in Slocan Park (at 29th Avenue Skytrain Station) next to the Field House in English and Chinese.

The February 26th workshop will be held at the Horley Street Small Space Orchard (2723 Horley Street) in English only.

Pre-registration for all events is required.

See you soon!

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