Friday, August 27, 2010

Updated Canning and Community Kitchen Schedule

Jam and personalized portraits at the Food Security Institute.

Thanks to all who came to this week's community kitchen and helped put together such a delicious and healthy meal. The menu included roasted mint and chicken skewers, bean salad, Greek cucumber salad, pita bread, lemon roasted potatoes, and strawberry-rhubarb cheesecake. Another scrumptious dinner party for 15 with $40 + pantry staples and fresh garden items!

Here's a list of upcoming events and workshops. All events are FREE and held at Collingwood NH (5288 Joyce St.) unless otherwise noted. RSVP as space is limited; please let us know if you have child-minding needs:

Wednesday September 1, 1-4pm - canning chicken soup or vegetable soup

Wednesday September 15, 1-4pm - canning pasta sauce

Friday September 24, 1-4pm - making the community harvest soup @ Renfrew Park Community Centre kitchen (volunteers needed)

Saturday September 25, 4-7pm - Harvest Fair at Slocan Park (food, music, art, and harvest abundance! Volunteers needed)

Wednesday September 29, 2:30-8pm - farmers' market trip (2:30pm-4:30pm) and community kitchen dinner (5-8:30pm). Meet in the CNH lobby at 2:30 if you would like to come farmers' market shopping with us.

Wednesday October 13, 5-8pm - cucumber pickles; daikon and carrot pickles

Wednesday October 20, 5-8pm - preservation by fermentation (sauerkraut and kimchi)

Wednesday October 27, 5-8pm - community kitchen dinner

We are also hosting a fall session of Food Skills for Families, a free weekly cooking class (held over six weeks) that focuses on healthy cooking on a budget. Registration priority is for newcomer parents or grandparents caring for young children. Please let me know if you would like to register.

A few snapshots:

Baby carrots!

Chanel and a handful of baby heirloom carrots.

Cheesecake with homegrown strawberry-rhubarb topping.

Chicken Skewer Crew!

Never too young for skills-sharing. Right, Barry?

You can make friends with salad.

Moving the compost on Cheyenne Avenue has turned out to be an emotional process. More so for some than for others.

But at least now we know you are never too young for garden building...

...right, children?

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