Thursday, July 31, 2014

8 Benefits of Community Kitchens

Hello everyone!

It's been quiet here on the blog for the past while, but rest assured that we've been very busy out in the garden and in the kitchen. Just yesterday we hosted another of our regular community kitchens at Collingwood Neighbourhood House, where there's never too many cooks in the kitchen.

What is a community kitchen? According to the City of Vancouver's website, "a community kitchen is a place for people to gather and prepare meals together." They are also places to learn and share knowledge about food, cooking, and nutrition, and they can bridge the gaps between different cultures, ages, experiences, and more. But here, let us show you what we mean.

At a community kitchen, you get to:

1) Eat delicious food together.

2) Meet new people and make new friends.

3) Learn more about nutrition and how to make healthy food.

4) Practice your cooking skills or try new ones.

5) Find recipes and foods you've never tried before.

6) Work together as part of a team.

7) Share knowledge about food, cooking, and more!

8) Have fun!

As you can see, there's lots to be done at a community kitchen, so come on out and join us at the next one!

For more information about our community kitchens and other programs, please pick up a copy of our latest activity schedule at Collingwood Neighbourhood House.

For more information about community kitchens, you can visit:

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