Wednesday, July 10, 2013

From Far to Here: Pollinator Garden

Flowering plants and bees have a beneficial relationship with one another, and its up to us to ensure that bees get enough pollen for food. By supporting a diverse community of species; gardeners can provide bees and other beneficial species with a variety of flowers to collect pollen/nectar from.

Today, with the Gardening Apprenticeship program, our lovely participants went out to the Norquay Community Orchard to build a pollinator garden needed to support a healthy orchard. Once covered in weeds, our wonderful team applied a wonderful sheet mulch (hoed weeds, cardboard, clover/comfrey clippings, soil, sea soil, fertilizer) that will supply the flowers with lots of nutrition and provide a good medium to start growing!After the hard work was done, 6 different types of flowers were put in, and the pollinator garden theme park was officially open! :) Check out the before and after:

Checklist for Norquay Orchard:
-Pollinator "Theme Park": CHECK

We're all buzzzzzing with excitement :)

Thanks for "bee"ing awesome!

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