Thursday, December 10, 2009

Your Feedback Needed for the People's Food Policy Project


(Deadline extended to Monday December 14th)

The People's Food Policy Project needs your feedback, whether you are a concerned individual or a representative of an organization. They need you and/or your organization to participate in order for the project to reflect the breadth and depth of visions for a just and sustainable food system rooted in the principles of food sovereignty.

"We need your policy ideas, and they can be just that – ideas. At this stage in the project, we are interested in broad ideas (ex: 'We need a federal nutrition program aimed at students,' OR, 'We need to support small-scale farmers as much as large-scale farmers,' and so on). Your ideas are as important as well-developed, evidence-based policy submissions.

How and what to submit:

Submitting your policy ideas is simple. You can use work that you and/or your organization has already completed in the past. We have broadened the submission process to include reports that your organization may have already written for other purposes. You can send the entire report with relevant sections highlighted, or simply send the executive summary and recommendations of the report.

There are two ways you can submit:

1. Through our website/

You need to log in (you create your own username and password) to complete the policy submission template (Note: not all sections need to be completed).

2. By email. Send us a completed policy submission template (available on the website) OR your reports containing policy recommendations to

Further details on this process are available on the website.

Please note that you and your organization's name will not be attached to the draft policy that emerges from this process. We will be seeking official endorsement for the policies at a later time.

Should you require any clarification or information about the project and submission process, please do not hesitate to contact me at or (514) 342-5291.

Thanking you in advance for your important contribution to this process,

Amanda Sheedy
People’s Food Policy Project"

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