Friday, October 23, 2009

Health Canada and Bill C-6: Eliminating Cultural Wisdom & Free Choice in the Name of Consumer Safety

Drying herbs in your kitchen may soon be a crime. Under Bill C-6, the right to eat and to treat our bodies as we choose would be no more, as Health Canada will get more control in deciding which products are safe for the public. Having recently passed its second (out of three) readings in the Senate, Bill C-6 is the latest in a string of similar bills proposed by Health Canada to “help keep Canadian families safe from dangerous consumer products.”

But Bill C-6 is as much about consumer safety as drug companies are about actually healing people. Because natural ingredients are generally time-tested and have been used over generations precisely because they work, most haven’t undergone “rigorous scientific testing”. This bill aims do away with anything that hasn’t been approved in clinical trials, meaning vitamins and minerals, herbal remedies, and traditional medicines such as traditional Chinese medicines. Meanwhile, mass immunizations will be allowed to become mandatory, such as the flu shot, a drug which has been “proven safe” and contains antifreeze, the brain toxins mercury and aluminum, and formaldehyde which is used to preserve dead bodies.

As if that weren’t enough, Bill C-6 gives Health Canada inspectors the right to search for and seize unapproved products on people’s property without a warrant, which is otherwise required by the regular police force. Also under Bill C-6, a person is considered guilty until proven innocent –the opposite from normal court procedures. If natural health product companies don’t have the capacity to prove the safety of a “natural health product” through the scientific method, it will be a wonder for a regular person to do so.

Why is there hardly any coverage of this bill in the news? The intention is for it to be passed quietly without public awareness, and the next thing we know the supplements aisle has shrunk by 80 percent, a health inspector tramples onto our property in search of illegalibles, and a flu-shot needle is stabbed into our arm without our consent.

It boils down to that Bill C-6 violates Canadians' rights and freedoms, eradicating free choice and thousands of years of traditional cultural wisdom, and giving the industrial food and drug companies total domination of the marketplace. For those who would like to maintain their current level of independence in choosing what to consume, send an email to, call 1-866-599-4999, and/or write to:

The Senate of Canada,
Ottawa, Ontario,
K1A 0A4
(no postage required).

For a list of Senator’s email addresses, click here.

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