Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Career Opportunity: Executive Director

Collingwood Neighbourhood House

Does this Sound Like You?

If you are a motivated self-starter who lives or works in the Renfrew Collingwood neighbourhood of Vancouver, this opening may be for you. If you are confident, organized, and a visionary leader with outstanding leadership abilities and interpersonal skills, this may be the career for you.

About Collingwood Neighbourhood House

Over the last 23 years Collingwood Neighbourhood House has grown into a large multi-service organization serving a neighbourhood of 48,000 people, 70% who have English as a second language. We offer over 165 programs and services in areas of childcare, family support, settlement services, youth leadership, senior supports, culture, recreation, education, and community development. Our approach is to build on the capacities of the people and institutions in our neighbourhood and to develop community leadership. Currently, the neighbourhood house has 118 staff, 215 volunteers, and 65 collaborative partners who assist in developing and delivering broad based services and initiatives created and led by neighbourhood residents, and institutions.

Our Values and Beliefs

• Cooperation and mutual respect among people;
• Self-reliance of individuals and the empowerment of people and the Collingwood community as a whole;
• Social justice and equitable treatment for all individuals;
• Accountable to the community and responsive to its changing needs;
• Full participation of all peoples in social, cultural, and economic life of the community;
• Valuing and recognizing the work and accomplishments of staff and volunteers and providing ongoing support, feedback, and learning opportunities;
• Resident involvement in problem-solving and decision-making;
• Integration, collaboration, and co-operation among service providers within the organization and the Collingwood community;
• Diversity and multiculturalism.

The Responsibilities

The Executive Director is responsible to the Board of Directors and works with the Directors Team to further the goals and direction of the CNH Strategic Plan. This is a management position and includes Board Support, Strategic Planning, Community Research, Community Issue Resolution, Community and Neighbourhood Development, Leadership Development, Public Relations, Human Resources Support and Mentoring, Government Relation and Advocacy, Finance and Fundraising, and Systems Maintenance.

The Ideal Candidate

A contagious passion for capacity-building and inclusive community relations, a commitment to the beliefs of inclusion and respect, a desire to work with our community partners, and an understanding of our unique neighbourhood and its needs are necessary for success as the Executive Director. Good communication skills, both oral and written, as well as a good command of the English language, both written and oral are required. This is a full time permanent position, but job-sharing proposals may be entertained. Proposals by those interested in being mentored into the position are also welcome.

How to Find Out More

If this sounds like the position for you, please send an introductory letter in confidence to EDSelection [at] cnh.bc.ca on or before Monday, June 14, 2010.
All those who express an interest will receive further information about Collingwood Neighbourhood House, the Executive Director’s job description, and further information about applying.


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